Caffe Bene opens new branch at Ikh Mongol Center

Caffe Bene is internationally well known coffee shop franchiser with its’ 1600 locations in 13 countries. You may enjoy variety of coffees, special drinks and fresh waffles in a captivating atmosphere on the first floor of Ikh Mongol Centre, opened in November, 2015. We assure you will be able to get a feeling of a European coffeehouse from their unique interior design.

Besides its’ captivating environment, Caffe Bene Ikh Mongol offers highly qualified and medium roasted coffees, which brings out the natural coffee flavor without being unnecessarily strong, as well as authentic Belgian waffles and Italian gelatos. Caffe Bene menu has more than 1000 different kinds of guilty pleasures and more of seasonal specials.

All Caffe Bene baristas strive to make every cup a perfect one and if you haven’t tried it yet, please take a visit to Caffe Bene Ikh Mongol. It’s being guaranteed to make your day even better. 


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