“Ikh Uilsiin Ereld” LLC was established in 2006 by operating foreign and domestic trade, construction, manufacturing of constructing materials. With our dedicated staffs and trustworthy partners, we always have been aiming to make a solid contribution to the development of our country with successful and remarkable projects.

Since we made a major structural change into our company in 2012, our company has been constantly expanding its’ activities in various business fields and upgraded company title to “Ikh Uilsiin Ereld Group” LLC as well. Along with business scale, we are proud to say that number of our staffs have reached the highest as ever. Moreover, we have successfully implemented a project building a complex with numerous service, residence, office satisfying modern standards of architecture and design, business environment. 

Today, as of 2016, we have 11 affiliated companies, actively running business in construction, manufacturing, domestic and foreign trade, real estate, finance, tourism, services and et cetera.